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The Best Sonic Milkshakes: Classic Flavors and Creative Combinations 2024

Introduction to Sonic Drive-In

Are you looking for sweet flavors, all served right to your car? Get set to make your drive a delightful ride with Sonic Drive-in milkshakes. Whether you are hunting for classic flavors or want to taste the aroma of flavors, get your straw ready.

Sonic Drive-In milkshakes come in various flavors, from delicious fruit to luscious chocolate. Using real ice cream, various flavors and customization options make Sonic Milkshakes special and different in taste from others.

Milkshake Offerings at Sonic Drive-In

● Classic Shakes

● Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes

● Master Shakes

● Premium Master Shakes.

Classic Milkshakes

Need a sweet, sugary escape? Classic flavors are the best deal. Every sip takes you to the ultimate classic flavor, from rich vanilla to melodious strawberry.

● Fresh Banana

● Chocolate

● Caramel

● Vanilla

● Peanut Butter

● Hot Fudge

● Pineapple


Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes

Sonic gives you the treat of a denser, thicker, and richer shake blended with your desired flavors and signature Sonic ice cream.

Premium Milkshakes

Exceeding the limits of classic flavors, Sonic drive-in shakes offer much more to satisfy your taste palette. Serving fancy toppings like Oreo crunches, bunties, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, cherries, and much more on your shake, Sonic romanticizes your cravings

Sonic’s Premium caters to you with

● Snickers Overload

● Oreo Cookie Overload

● Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Overload

● Cookie Dough Overload

● Butterfinger Overload

● Mint Chocolate Chip Overload

● Coffee Overload

Master Shakes

A great reach for your sweet tooth! Sonic seduces your taste buds with more delicious and denser flavors with a menu of:

● Oreo Chocolate Master

● Oreo Cheesecake Master

● Cookie Dough

● Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

● Mint Chocolate Chip

● Coffee

● Snickers

● Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

● Butter Finger

Speciality Shakes

These shakes are not common. Sonic always flirts with customers’ cravings using toppings, unique flavors, and combinations. So, if you wanna treat yourself to something extra cool, you must try Sonic’s specialties.

● OREO and REESE’S Peanut Butter Master Shake

● Strawberry Cheesecake Master Shake

● Cheesecake Master Shake

● OREO Chocolate Master Shake

● OREO Cheesecake Master Shake


Sonic Drive-In Deals

Special Offers and Discounts

Every Monday, Sonic discounts a few select flavors for a whole day. This lets customers try a variety of flavors at pocket-friendly rates. Sonic lets you try unique shakes like hot fudge or cheesecake milkshakes at a discount without breaking the bank.

Savings Opportunities

Sonic Drive-in knows very well that customers love deals or packages. So, it makes deals, a promotion tool. Who doesn’t want to try the flavorful Sonic’s shake at the best deal?

Sonic’s well-known promotion is Happy Hour, from 2 to 4 p.m. This time, it grabs many customers’ attention, providing an ideal opportunity to try every flavor, from classic to special, without affecting their pocket.


Limited Time Offers

Another trick Sonic uses to gain traffic is a limited-time offer. Sonic offers mind-blowing new menu items with seasonal flavors. Customers can test unique, limited-edition milkshakes unavailable on typical menu cards.

● Blueberry Cheese Shake

● Pumpkin Spice Shake

● Chocolate Hazelnut Shake

● Eggnog Shake

● Mint Oreo Shake

● Birthday Cake Shake

Sonic’s current drive-in LTDs

Let’s have a look at Sonic’s current drive-in LTDs:

Sonic is presenting an “Oreo overload shake” in the limited-time deal. A velvety, crunchy blend of Oreo cookies with Sonic’s special ice cream with customization of cherry toppers, chocolate chips, or whipped cream.

The Oreo Overload Shake is available in three sizes:

●  Regular (16 oz) for $3.99

●  Large (24 oz) for $4.99

●  Route 44 (32 oz.) for $5.99

Sonic Drive-in contact

Whether Sonic needs a suggestion to progress catering or a complaint that needs to be resolved, contact 1 866 657 6642.

Sonic Drive-in App

If you deeply love Sonic Shakes and long drives, install the Wendy’s app or Apple Pay on your Android or iOS, respectively, and enjoy the Sonic Shakes ride.

Review By a Local citizen

Good milkshakes

“Service was fast and friendly, shakes were really good. The place looked clean, could use some updating” by venture45354


Sonic Drive-in Shake Menu?

Sonic Drive-in offers a wide range of classic, premium, special, limited-time seasonal, and customizable shakes.

Sonic drive-in milkshake special?

Sonic’s specialties contain customizable options, carbonated float-in options, dairy-free options, frozen custard shakes, and Sonic blast shakes with Snickers, Oreos, bounties, M&Ms, etc.

Sonic drive-in milkshake prices?

Prices usually vary from flavor to size, but they typically range from $3 to $5  for a regular size and an additional cost for an extra size or icing on the cake.


Sonic Drive-in milkshakes are truly a star in the milkshake category. From classic, premium, special, and customizable options to limited-time, seasonal, and happy hour deals, it will never disappoint you. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead to the nearest Sonic Drive-in Milkshake and enjoy the delightful ride.

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