Sonic Blast Menu: Signature Sweet Treats in 2024

Sonic Blasts has been delivering chilly satisfaction to frozen dessert lovers for over a decade. These iconic soft serve treats blend rich, creamy ice cream with crunchy, gooey, fruity and chocolatey mix-ins galore. With the ability to customize your cup or cone with your favorite candies and baked goods, Sonic Blasts have become staples of the drive-in chain’s menu.

As we enter 2024, Sonic continues dreaming up new explosions of flavors, textures and seasonal specials to delight Blast fans. Whether you crave classic candies or fresh fruit; cookies or brownies, the Sonic Blast roster offers a customizable indulgence for every sweet tooth. Read on to learn about new and existing options from this sonic ice cream decadence innovator.


Sonic Blast Origins and Evolution

The original Blast concept launched over a decade ago in 2009, fusing Sonic’s creamy soft serve with tantalizing mix-ins. The Sonic Blast offerings continued to expand as Sonic introduced new flavors and even premium “Master Blast” creations.

Seasonal specials also entered the lineup, blending beloved flavors with holiday themes and ingredients. Recent winter picks included White Chocolate Cranberry and Iced Gingersnap Blasts, while summer welcomed additions like Lemon Custard and Watermelon Limeade.

As Sonic keeps the new flavors and specials coming, one thing remains certain: blasts hold an undeniable place in fans’ frozen, sweet-filled hearts.

Limited Edition Sonic Blast Flavors

Keep your eye out throughout 2024 for returning and new limited edition Sonic Blast flavors tied to seasonal and holiday happenings. Around Valentine’s Day, passion-inspired picks make the menu. Spring welcomes fruit-forward selections, while fall sees pumpkin spice and other autumn-themed ice cream varieties. No matter the time of year, Sonic unveils specialty frozen desserts Blizzard lovers crave.

Sonic Ice Cream Flavors: Creamy Foundations

Every Sonic Blast starts with a creamy foundation of ice cream swirled together with your mix-in ingredients of choice. When it comes to choosing your base frozen confection, options include:


Classic Vanilla

Blank canvas for candy toppings



Rich, cocoa-flavored velvet



Fruity, pink perfection


Cookies and Cream

Vanilla plus Oreo crumbs

The ice cream brings velvety texture and subtle flavor, allowing bolder mix-in pieces to take center stage. Still, options like chocolate or strawberry add extra richness and fruitiness as desired.

Sonic Blast Mix-Ins: Customizable Toppings

The real mix-in magic begins once your sonic ice cream base hits the cup. This is where you customize your Blast creation, blending crunchy, chewy, fruity and chocolatey treats throughout the creamy contents.

Some mouthwatering mix-in options include:


Oreo Cookies

 Chocolate wafer crunch



Candy-coated chocolate in fun colors


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

 Chocolate/peanut butter swirl


Gummy Bears

Chewy and sweet, bursting through


Brownie Bites

 Fudgy, chocolate explosions



 Sweet summer fruit



 Crunchy, buttery and toasted

You can load up on as many toppings as fit in your cup. Create flavor mashups like cookies ‘n cream combined with strawberries or add texture interest with gummies and nuts. The only limit is your imagination!

Signature Favorites

Some beloved Sonic pre-mixed Blast creations include:

  • Oreo Blast – crunchy cookie pieces swirled in
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blast – cups of chocolate/peanut butter perfection
  • M&M Blast – candy-coated chocolate in every bite

Next time the craving for these strikes, order one of these ready-made flavor explosions!

Sonic Master Blasts: Premium Indulgence

For true ice cream aficionados, Sonic Master Blasts take flavors over the top. Made with high quality ingredients like real vanilla beans for an intensely creamy soft serve, the Master Blasts deliver premium indulgence.

Decadent Master Blast offerings have included:


Cookie Dough

Vanilla soft serve with cookie dough chunks


Caramel Brownie

Salted caramel swirl meets chocolate chunks


Banana Split

 Bananas, strawberries and pineapple (plus cherries on top!)

Sonic rotates specialty premium blasts onto the limited-time menu. Treat your tastebuds to these gourmet, foodie-approved, unique creations.

Sonic Blast Sizes: Small to Large

Half the fun of ordering Sonic Blast lies in choosing your size based on the level of indulgence your cravings demand. Options range from:

  • Small (about 400-550 calories): Lighter, individual-sized portion
  • Regular (around 650-850 calories): Sharing size with extra room for toppings
  • Large (approximately 950-1200+ calories): Ideal for mega ice cream appetites

The more mix-in pieces you add, the higher your calorie count climbs. Check Sonic’s website for specific nutrition details on customized combos.

Nutrition Information

For detailed nutrition facts on all Blast creations, sizes and custom add-ins, visit Sonic’s official website. This lets you determine calories, sugar content and more as you design your decadent dessert.

Ways to Save on Blasts

With so many delectable flavors to try, here are tips for enjoying Sonic Blasts without overspending:

  • Join Sonic’s free rewards program to earn points and unlock freebies
  • Check the Sonic app for limit-time Blast promotions and happy hour deals.
  • Buy one get one free coupon and Blast discounts often get sent to email rewards members
  • Visit from 2 to 4 pm on weekdays when certain drinks and slushies pair nicely with half priced Blasts

By joining rewards and opting into promotional emails, Sonic fans can indulge in Blasts more often for less.

Delicious New Flavors Coming Soon

Sonic never stops innovating with new Bomb Pop flavors and seasonal special selections. Expected on the horizon for 2024 are fun, summery options like Blue Raspberry Lemonade Sorbet and Tropical Starfruit Blasts.

Around Halloween, look out for trick-or-treating-inspired blasts packed with candy favorites. Peppermint sticks and eggnog shakes could make the limited edition lineup in December.

No matter the month, Sonic delivers crave-worthy new desserts and old reliable classics. Check their social media pages and app for announcements of upcoming arrivals all year.

Satisfy All Cravings with Sonic Blasts

With the ability to customize combinations, Sonic Blast brings out the inner ice cream innovator in all of us. Mix classic candies or offbeat ingredients into signature frozen favorites or new flavors. Top indulgent treats off with whipped cream, nuts and cherries galore at one of America’s beloved drive-in chains.

Roll over to your nearest Sonic when that craving for cold, creamy, chilly satisfaction strikes. Their blasts stand ready to be swirled and blended into whatever your heart or sweet tooth desires.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the most popular pre-mixed Sonic Blast flavor combinations?

Beloved signature Blast creations include the Oreo Blast with cookie pieces swirled in, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blast, and M&M Blast packed with candy-coated chocolate pieces.

Q: How many calories are in a Sonic Blast?

A: Depending on custom add-ins, calories range from 400-550 in a small blast to approximately 950-1200 + calories for a loaded large blast. Check Sonic’s website for nutrition specifics.

Q: What makes Master Blasts different from regular Blasts?

Sonic Master Blasts uses high-end ingredients like real ice cream for premium texture and flavor. They offer elevated indulgence in creations like Cookie Dough and Caramel Brownie Master Blasts.

Q: Does Sonic offer seasonal Blast flavors? 

A: Yes! Limited-edition specialty Blast creations are added to the rotating menu tied to holidays like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas.

Q: How can I save money on Sonic Blasts? 

A: Join Sonic’s free rewards program, use coupons from the Sonic app, visit during Happy Hour, and check email promos for BOGO deals and Blast discounts.

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