Sonic Dessert Menu: Treats Await!

As one of America’s most iconic drive-in restaurants, Sonic is known for its extensive menu filled with mouth-watering meals, snacks, and drinks. But for those with a serious sweet tooth, the vast selection of delectable desserts available at Sonic is the natural star attraction.

From classic milkshakes to blasts of candy-infused ice cream and everything in between, Sonic has treats to satisfy any craving. Keep reading for an in-depth look at the entire Sonic dessert menu available at Sonic Drive-In restaurants nationwide.

An Overview of Sonic’s Delightful Dessert Options

Sonic Drive-In dessert menu features traditional favorites and more indulgent, over-the-top creations. Here’s a quick overview of the main dessert categories available:



 Sonic’s famous hand-mixed milkshakes come in various classic and specialty flavors. Sizes range from mini to extra-large.


Sonic Blasts

These blended ice cream treats can be customized with mix-ins like cookies, candy, and brownies.



Choose from hot fudge, strawberry, or other sundae styles topped with nuts, whipped cream, and a cherry.



Besides shakes, get your ice cream fixed in a cone, waffle cone or bowl


Floats and Slushes

Root beer, grape, and other icy slush flavors can be made into floats by adding ice cream.



Options like the Banana Split, Orange Creamsicle Freeze, and more provide fresh fruit flavor

Milkshakes: Creamy, Classic, and Customizable

Perhaps nothing says “Sonic” more than a creamy, hand-spun milkshake. Sonic’s famous shakes rank high on the chain’s most popular Sonic dessert menu items list. Customers love both the classic and more adventurous speciality shake flavours.Sonic lets you customize your shake experience with the following:


Choose from mini (14 oz), small (20 oz), medium (32 oz), and large (44 oz). Go mini if you want just a taste, or extra-large if you’re super thirsty.


Pick a classic flavor like chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, or go for a specialty shake like cookies & cream, mint chocolate chip, or coffee.


Make your shake extra festive with candy pieces, syrups, or fruit purees swirled in.

A maraschino cherry and a creamy whipped topping are expertly placed atop every shake at Sonic. Prices range from $1.99 for a mini to $4.59 for a large one, depending on location.

Some of Sonic Dessert Menu Popular Milkshake Choices:



Rich, silky chocolate ice cream is a go-to for chocolate milkshake purists.



 You can’t go wrong with this creamy, dreamy classic.



 Sweet, ripe strawberry flavor perfect for summer.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup delicious dessert menu

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate and peanut butter lovers, this one’s for you.

Oreo Cookie delicious dessert menu

Oreo Cookie:

 Vanilla ice cream blended with crumbled Oreo cookies.

Heath_Blast delicious dessert menu


 A colorful and crunchy blend of chocolate ice cream and M&M’s candy.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blast delicious dessert menu

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blast

 Peanut ice cream with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Regarding milkshakes, Sonic lets you get creative and customize your treat. Add some crunch with Oreo pieces, go nutty with pecan pieces, or make it fruitful with strawberries. The options are endless!

Indulgent Sonic Blasts®: Ice Cream Madness

Sonic Blasts take shakes to the next level for an ultra-indulgent ice cream treat. These hand-spun creations blend creamy ice cream with mix-ins like candy, cookies, brownies, and more.

The Blasts are so thick and loaded with goodies that you’ll need a spoon! Sonic Blasts come in three sizes to satisfy any appetite:

  • Small (20 oz)
  • Medium (32 oz)
  • Large (44 oz)

The base for Blasts is Sonic’s famous Real Ice Cream, available in chocolate or vanilla. From there, you can pick your mix-ins. Here are some popular options:

Oreo Cookies:

 Vanilla/chocolate ice cream with crumbled Oreo cookies.

M&M’s Candies:

Mini rainbow chocolate candies swirled into creamy soft serve.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups:

Chocolate and peanut butter perfection.


Crunchy, peanut buttery, and chocolaty.

Nestle Crunch:

Milk chocolate ice cream with Nestle Crunch chocolate mixed in.


Chocolate, caramel, peanuts…oh my!

Prices for Sonic Blasts start at $3.39 for a small and go up to $5.49 for an extra-large Blast, though prices vary by location.

With so many candy brands and flavor combos available, good luck choosing just one favorite Blast!

Classic Hot Fudge and Strawberry Sundaes

Sometimes, you just need a good, old-fashioned ice cream sundae. Sonic’s sundaes deliver traditional flavors in a classic cherry-on-top sundae cup. Options include:

Hot Fudge Sundae

Creamy vanilla ice cream smothered in warm, fudgy chocolate sauce. This sundae also comes topped with whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry.

Strawberry Sundae

Mounds of vanilla ice cream covered in sweet, juicy strawberry topping. Toppings include whipped cream, nuts, and the requisite maraschino cherry.

Other sundae varieties like pineapple, are also available at some locations. These classic treats are expected to be around $2 to $5.

Sonic blast menu delicious  dessert menu

Cones, Bowls, and Other Frozen Favorites

In addition to shakes and sundaes, Sonic serves up ice cream in cones, bowls, and other fun formats:

Waffle Cone:

Get your ice cream served up crispy, cone-shaped waffle.

Cake Cone:

Opt for the traditional flat-bottomed cake cone shell.

Ice Cream Bowl:

Forgoing the cone? Ice cream served up in a bowl is always an option.

Banana Split:

Load up on chocolate, strawberry, and pineapple ice cream between sliced bananas.

Orange Creamsicle Freeze:

 Creamy orange soft serve swirled with Sonic’s famous cherry slushy.

Footlong Quarter Pound Coney:

A hot dog footlong loaded up with chili, cheese, onions, and mustard, all topped with soft serve ice cream. Certainly an, uh, interesting option.

Prices range from about $1.50 for a kiddie cone up to $4 or $5 for more elaborate treats like the banana split or footlong coney.

Floats: The Perfect Combo of Ice Cream and Fizzy Soda

Flats are for you if you love the flavor combo of frosty ice cream and bubbly soda. Sonic float options include:

Root Beer Float:

The classic. Creamy vanilla ice cream floating in crisp, icy root beer.

Grape Float:

Sweet purple grape slushie topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Cherry Float:

Similar to the grape float but with cherry red slushie.

Coke® Float:

You can also get the float-form cherry/chocolate cola combo.

Dr Pepper® Float:

Dr Pepper’s unique flavor combined with creamy ice cream.

Sprite® Float:

Lemon-lime Sprite makes a refreshing float.

Expect to pay around $2 to $3 for these soda shop classics.

Pro tip: You can turn any slushie flavor into a float by topping it with a soft serve!

sonic-nights-shakes-ice-cream-sandwiches delicious dessert menu

Freshly Baked Cookies and Creamy Ice Cream: A Match Made in Dessert Heaven

What’s better than freshly baked cookies? Eating them while still warm, crumbly, and gooey, paired with a scoop of ice cream!

Sonic’s freshly baked cookie options include:

Oreo® Cookies a la Mode

Creamy vanilla ice cream is topped with warm, soft Oreo cookies.

Cinnabon® Cinnasnacks a la Mode

Gooey cinnamon roll bites served warm and topped with ice cream.

Fried Cookie Dough Bites a la Mode

Warm, melty balls of chocolate chip cookie dough served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Prices are around $2.99 to $4.99 for these decadent cookie and ice cream pairings.

Fruit Slushes and Treats: Fresh Favorites

In addition to creamy, sugary treats, Sonic also offers lighter fruit-based desserts like:

Fruit Slush Float:

Any fruity slushie flavor topped with a scoop of bright, summery sorbet

Absolute Fruit Freezes:

Blended ices made with fresh strawberries, lemons, and other fruit.

Lemonberry Slush:

Strawberry and lemon slushie swirled together.

Fruity desserts like these offer a dose of vitamin C along with sweet satisfaction. Prices are typically $2 to $3.

Vegan and Dietary Restriction-Friendly Options

Sonic menu options for vegan or gluten-free diets may be limited, but some fruit, slushie, and ice cream customizations can provide tasty dessert choices:

Fruit Slush Float with Sorbet:

Combine any fruit slush with dairy-free sorbet for a vegan float.

Tater Tots:

Sonic’s classic tater tots are vegan and gluten-free.

Ice Cream Cup:

 Order soft serve in a cup instead of a cone for a gluten-free option.

Custom Sonic Blast®:

 Request gluten-free candy mix-ins like Oreos or M&Ms.

Be sure to inform Sonic staff of any dietary needs. While custom orders can be accommodated, there is a risk of cross-contamination as all menu items share kitchen space.

Seasonal Favorites and Limited-Time Offers

Sonic will occasionally roll out special shakes, Blasts, or sundaes for holidays or times of the year. Examples include:

Red, White, and Blue Blasts

(4th of July): Unique Blasts featuring Oreos, Pop Rocks, and fruit candy in patriotic red, white, and blue colors.

Pumpkin Pie Shake

(Fall): Capture fall flavors with a shake combining pumpkin and classic pie spices.

Peppermint Master Shake

(Christmas): Peppermint ice cream swirled with chocolate syrup and sprinkles.

Heart Shake

(Valentine’s Day): Strawberry or chocolate shake with heart-shaped sprinkles.

Check the Sonic mobile app or website for info on the latest seasonal and limited-edition desserts.

Ice Cream  delicious dessert menu

Prices: Value Deals on Delicious Desserts

One of the best things about Sonic’s dessert offerings is the prices. The sweet tooth doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Here are some typical Sonic dessert prices:


Starting at $1.99 for a mini up to $4.59 for a large.

Sonic Blasts®:

Ranging from $3.39 for a small to $5.49 for an extra-large.


Approximately $2 to $5 each.


About $2 to $3 per float.


Starting at $1.50 for simple cones up to $4 or $5 for more elaborate treats.

Cookies a la Mode:

$2.99 to $4.99 depending on the cookie variety.

As you can see, most Sonic desserts ring up at $5 or less. There are frequent promotions on the Sonic app for half-price shakes, discounted Blasts, and other daily happy hour specials.

Desserts Worth the Drive: Satisfy Your Cravings at Sonic

With its delightfully retro drive-in vibe and seemingly endless options for tasty frozen treats, it’s easy to see why Sonic is a go-to destination for dessert lovers. Sonic has the cure for any sweet craving from a classic chocolate milkshake on a hot summer’s day to a triple-chocolate Blast to a fresh fruit slushie.

The variety of shakes, sundaes, Blasts, floats, and cookies on the menu ensures that customers of all ages can find a dessert to enjoy. The flavors range from nostalgic favorites like chocolate and strawberry to modern creations with candy pieces and mix-ins. Plus, many items can be customized with your preferred add-ins and toppings.

Stop by your local Sonic Drive-In anytime that sweet tooth starts acting up. With reasonable prices and frequent mobile app specials, you can indulge in these Sonic desserts menu without draining your wallet. Pull up to the intercom, order one of Sonic’s mouthwatering treats, and satisfy your craving!


What kinds of desserts does Sonic offer?

Sonic has many dessert offerings, including shakes, Blasts, sundaes, cones, floats, cookies, and fruit slushes. Some of their most popular options are chocolate shakes, Blasts with mix-ins like Oreos and Reese’s, hot fudge sundae, banana splits, and Oreo cookies a la mode.

What are Sonic Blasts?

Sonic Blasts are thick ice cream milkshakes blended with mix-in ingredients like cookies, candy pieces, brownie chunks, and more. Blasts come in chocolate or vanilla and allow you to customize your ice cream treat fully.

Does Sonic have vegan dessert options?

The vegan options at Sonic are limited, but some customizations can work. Try a fruit slush float with sorbet instead of ice cream, order tater tots, or customize a Blast with vegan candy mix-ins. Always inform staff of dietary needs.

Can you make Sonic shakes gluten-free?

Yes, Sonic shakes can be customized to be gluten-free. Opt for a shake with no malt powder serve in a cup rather than a cone. Also request that no gluten ingredients come in contact with your shake during prep.

What are Sonic’s seasonal shake flavors?

Sonic releases special shakes for different holidays and seasons. Some examples are their Red, White & Blue Blast for July 4th, Pumpkin Pie Shake for fall, Peppermint Master Shake for Christmas, and Heart Shake for Valentine’s Day.

How much do Sonic desserts cost?

Sonic desserts range from $1.99 for a mini shake to around $5 for a large Sonic Blast. Most treats are under $5. They often offer happy hour specials on their mobile app for discounted desserts.

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